Wine Tours

Wine tours are organised holidays or day trips that allow people to visit vineyards. They can be arranged all over the world and can last from as a little to a day to a few weeks at a time. In Europe popular locations for wine tours include France, Spain, Italy and Germany. Other popular wine tour locations elsewhere in the world include South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the USA.

What you will get with a wine tour will depend on the tour you take. A basic tour, for example, may take you to a vineyard where you may be allowed to look around and be shown how the wine is made. You may be then invited to taste the wines made on the site and encouraged to buy them if you want to.

At the other end of the scale a luxury wine tour may involve private tastings and tours around the vineyard. You may be given access to vineyards that aren't on the standard tour schedule here. And, you may also be allowed to taste more exclusive wines and be given gourmet meals and gifts into the bargain. Again, there is usually the opportunity to buy the wines here as well.

If your tour takes the form of a holiday then you will generally visit the vineyards by bus most days and will stay in hotels at night. Sometimes you may have one base hotel but in other cases you may tour around a specific wine region.